When Did Furby Come Out?

When Did They Come Out, The Furbies?

When Did They Come Out


Hi guys! In this article, we are going to talk a bit about the background of Furby or in other words, the history of Furby itself. Things such as when did Furby come out, the inventors, the first debut, the first edition of Furby and so on will be discussed in this article. It is a good feeling actually to know more about something that we have our interest in. The same goes for our other hobbies or collections. We will learn more about them and spend time more on them.


So now, let’s get started.


First Appearance


It was in 1998 and during the American International Toy Fair that Furby made its first ever appearance to the public. It left a remarkable impression on many people due to its unique abilities and cuteness. The inventors of Furby are Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung. They are two geniuses in both researching and development of toys as well as brilliant in thinking of the idea to create an electronic pet-like toys. Yes. You can consider Furby as a pet since it resembles owl or hamster but in a more electronic ways.


They took 9 months to create Furby and another 9 months to fully designed the toy. Their effort then being supported by Richard C. Levy when their invitation to sell Furby was accepted. This invitation came after their 2 attempts at licensing the concept. Who Richard C. Levy is? He is a fellow toy and game inventor. Their decision to invite Levy is proven to be the right action since right after that, levy brought Furby to the Tiger Electronics and managed to sell the rights to Furby to Tiger’s Roger Shiffman.


How many editions of them are there right now?


There are many changes have been done as well as development and advancement being made on Furby. For each edition being released, there are certain notable features that clearly differentiate between each edition. What makes them becoming a must-have toy are their capabilities to speak, learn, developing personalities and dance (or any movement depends on the edition). A newly purchased Furby will start out speaking entirely Furbish. Furbish is the unique language that used short syllables, sentences, and sound. Over time, Furbies will start to speak and use English words and phrases. This is basically how Furbies are programmed. This process actually intended to resemble and show the process of learning English.

Classic Furbies

This was the first line of Furbies being produced and they had taken the world with their unique abilities and intelligence. These were reflected in their ability to develop language skills. Furbies can communicate with one another by using the infrared port that is located in between their eyes. They started out by speaking their language which is Furbish and as they grow, they will start to speak less Furbish and more English.


Furby Babies

It was introduced in 1999 where these Furbies are smaller than the original. They also have a higher voice and did not have the ability to dance. However, their ability to speak English is faster than the previous version.  They came in 24 different colors, white eyelashes and their eyes will be of 1 out of 6 colors available.


Furby Friends

They basically look similar to Furbies but they have a slight different in terms of appearance, abilities and a few other things. A few of them can communicate with the original Furby and Furby Babies. They are also equipped with sensors that can detect loud sound and reacted when they are being placed upside down.


Emoto-Tronic Furby

It was released in August 2005 which have a physical size that is larger than the previous version. It is also has been upgraded so that it will have a better facial expressions or emotions and voice recognition system. This voice recognition system allows Furby to communicate with human. Compared to the previous version, this Furby only needed one order to make it do something such as sleep. However, they are lacking a few things such as light sensors, basic motion sensors and do not respond to loud sound unlike the original one do.


Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies

In 2006, the babies version of Emoto-Tronic Furby was released. The best part and the most notable features of Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies were the new looks and more baby-ish appearance compared to the Emoto-Tronic Furby adult. However, they have lesser and limited vocabulary as well as much lower level of interactivity either with human or with other Furbies. If asked about other notable features of the 2006 Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies is its movable “legs”. Actually, this line of Furby Babies was exclusively for Europe but other can still get it from websites that are selling it online.


Emoto-Tronic Funky Furbies

This edition was released in August 2006. The release was for outside of the United States. The best things about this new line of Furbies are that they can sing 3 more new songs as well as dancing. Plus, they also have capabilities of learning dancing routines and memorize them. They came in 2 limited color combinations which are pink-yellow and purple-green.


2012 Furbies

A brand new collection and design of Furby was released in 2012. The most notable features regarding this edition are their more expressive LCD eyes, a wider range of motion, its own IOS and Android app as well as its adaptability of personality as a result of interaction towards user behaviour.


Furby Boom

It was released in the summer 2013 with new different colors and personalities. It also has brand new iOS and Android app with a lot of new features. You can interact and monitor your Furby with the Furby App.


Tha’s all for this article on when did Furby come out. We hope that you are able to get and find what you are looking for from this article. See you later!

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