Whats In a Furby Name

Furby Boom has their own furbish names and the furbish meaning is not the same as the name meanings. As an example, Dee-doh means dude, but it means little dude as for Furby Boom.

The various names appear and their meanings are translated, when hatching an egg in the furby boom app.

Furbish Names/Dictionary

Meaning Name
Gourmet Spinach Doo-bay
Dancing eyes Doo-toh
Shark pig Doo-tah
Big heart Doo-koh
Shiny Princess Doo-kah
Smell Good Doo-Doo
Lazy Tummy Doo-Doh
Handy Feet Doo-Dah
Motor Mouth Doo-Boo
Fire Sparkle Doo-Boh
Tiny tot Dee-bay
Twinkle Toes Dee-toh
Baby Cupcake Dee-tah
Little Monster Dee-koh
Little peanut Dee-kah
Tiny sun Dee-doo
Little dude Dee-doh
Elephant hamster Dee-dah
Little squeak Dee-boo
Little booger Dee-boh
Chatty bug Day-bay
Belly button Day-toh
Lazer bean Dah-tah
Moon tiger Day-koh
Fuzzy pumpkin Day-kah
Rainbow Maker Day-doo
Powder puff Day-doh
Big fluff Day-dah
Puppy power Day-boo
Fuzzy tummy Day-boh
Chubby Cheeks Dah-bay
Big bang Dah-toh
Big spender Dah-tah
Star Runner Dah-koh
Sweet Dah-kah
Big splash Dah-doo
Whale sock Dah-doh
Big daddy Dah-dah
Poopy pants Dah-boo
Shiny celebrity Dah-boh
Hot sizzle Bee-bay
Star light Bee-toh
Honey bunny Bee-tah
Rainbow sprinkles Bee-koh
Hot dog Bee-kah
Diamond sparkles Bee-doo
Big gossip Bee-dah
Strong beak Bee-boo
Dancing machine Bee-boh
Happy snuggler Ah-bay
Tough down Ah-toh
Big eats Ah-tah
1000 squeezes Ah-koh
One scoop Ah-kah
Cotton Candy Ah-doo
Bubble bath Ah-doh
Bear hug Ah-dah
Sugar beach Ah-boo
Tiger paws Ah-boh
Laughing belly Way-bay
Extra sprinkles Way-toh
Wacky prank Way-tah
Mad science Way-koh
Deep thinker Way-kah
Giggle master Way-doo
Sunset dreamer Way-doh
Big noodle Way-dah
Standing donkey Way-boo
Sweet treat Way-boh
Little BigEars Toh-bay
Season keeper Toh-toh
Moon beamer Toh-tah
Singing waterfall Toh-koh
Puddle hopper Toh-kah
Glitter pebble Toh-doo
Cookie dough Toh-doh
Big muscle Toh-dah
Ghost foot Toh-boo
Star catcher Toh-boh
Secret sparkles Tay-bay
Liquid metal Tay-toh
Fire weasel Tay-tah
Balloon popper Tay-koh
Seashell whisper Tay-kah
Big smile Tay-doo
Flying monkey Tay-doh
Big magic Tay-dah
Candy chopper Tay-boo
Swift kicks Tay-boh
Golden peanut Noo-bay
Happy cheeks Noo-toh
Ice dream Noo-tah
Starry glitter Noo-koh
Cloud sailor Noo-doo
Mess builder Noo-doh
Jumping heart Noo-dah
Bull kitty Noo-boo
Sleeping booty Noo-boh
Sometimes maybe May-bay
Busy bee May-toh
Big smooch May-tah
Speeding turtle May-koh
Furry slippers May-kah
Fluffy marshmallow May-doo
Walkie talkie May-doh
Loud bark May-dah
Robot dancer May-boo
Kissy face May-boh
Silly magnet Loo-bay
Happy giggles Loo-toh
Hairy joker Loo-tah
Crazy heart Loo-koh
Joke mountain Loo-kah
Furdonkulous Loo-doo
Jelly belly Loo-doh
Big funny Loo-dah
Serious smile Loo-boo
Goofy gabber Loo-boh
Happy tail Kee-bay
Tail of truth Kee-toh
Party animal Kee-tah
Butter tongue Kee-koh
Busy beak Kee-kah
Floppy ears Kee-doo
Snow flake Kee-doh
Secret power Kee-dah
Space traveler Kee-boo
Bright eyes Kee-boh

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