Its Time For Furby Toys

Time For Furby Toys!!

Its Time For Furby Toys


Hey there! How are you doing right now? Everything is good? We hope that everything goes according to what you have planned and wishing you guys all the best in your life. Guess what? Today we are going to share with you guys about something that is so cool and almost everyone has own “it”. Can you guess what “it” is? Its FURBY TOYS!!!


We know that you have heard about Furby toys before. Couldn’t recall wat Furby is? It is that owl-like or hamster like (up to you on which do you think Furby resembles more) robotic toy that has the capabilities of speaking, learning and developing personalities.


It was first introduced in 1998 and tens of millions of units of Furbies have been sold worldwide. There many types of Furby toys that have been released since then. For every edition, a tremendous improvement has been made and making Furby to become more interesting and “smart”. The intelectual system being developed over time and more interesting features have been added such as interaction between Furbies.


For this article, we are going to divide it into two parts and this is going to be the first part. Let’s begin!


Types of Furby Toys


Classic Furbies

The first edition of Furby ever introduced to the world! It is one of the first ever robotic toys that has the intelligence of developing language skills. They started out by speaking Furbish – its own unique language.


Furby Babies

It was released in 1999 and in a smaller size compared to the previous edition. Their voice is also of a higher pitch but there is a bit lacking in terms of its mobility, it can’t dance. It came in 24 different and unique colors. They also came with white eyelashes and their eyes was in either one of six colors available.


Furby Friends

This line of Furby Friends look pretty similar to Furby. The only differences are in terms of its appearance and abilities. They can also communicate with Furby and Furby Babies. They are able to detect loud sound since they are equipped with sensors and will react when being placed upside down.



Emoto-Tronic Furby

It was released in AUgust 2005 which have a physical size that is larger than the previous version. It is also has been upgraded so that it will have a better facial expressions or emotions and voice recognition system. This voice recognition system allows Furby to communicate with human. Compared to the previous version, this Furby only needed one order to make it do something such as sleep. However, they are lacking a few things such as light sensors, basic motion sensors and do not respond to loud sound unlike the original one do.


That’s all for this first part of Furby toys. We hope to see you again on our next post. Before that, we would like to let you know that we are offering you a wide ranges of selection of Furbies. The best thing is that we are offering you Furbies at the most reasonable price.


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