Furby Polyglot

Remember a few posts ago we talked about the future of Furby and what might be coming after Furby Boom? We has some ideas like Furby Cosmo and Furby Sport, among a few. Well we just didn’t stop there, our minds keep thinking of the possibilities and we had another great idea. Furby Polyglot!

Multilingual Furby

Polyglot Furby would be able to speak multiple languages. All you would have to do is use the Furby Boom App and pick what language you want your Furbish friend to speak and it would speak that language! That would be a super cool idea and we know it would be a hit because so many people have asked for it. Currently Furby Boom isn’t available in other language versions and with the 2012 Furby you had to most likely buy it in the country with the language you want it to speak. There isn’t the flexibility to easily change the language that Furby speaks. Imagine if Furby could speak English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Italian!

What the Furby Future Holds

We don’t know what will be new for Furby this coming holiday season but we hope it’s something awesome. There are so many possibilities and we think Furby still has the potential to keep evolving. Keep checking back and reading for more ideas for Furby or let us know about your own ideas by commenting below. We would love to see what you think. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and start the conversation there!

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