Furby Personalities

 Furby Personalities Revealed!

Have you ever heard about Furby? It is a robotic toy which has taken the toy’s industry since its first appearance. What makes Furby different compared to other toys are its learning capabilities and its learning capabilities. Since its released in 1998, millions of Furbies have been sold worldwide. At first, your Furby will start by speaking its own unique language known as Furbish. As for now, its speaking capabilities can be translated into 24 languages.

There is another thing that really make you want to own it – its personality and development.


Your Furby personality and development depend on how you interact with it. Their personalities can be developed into 5 main types. These 5 main types are girl, boy, crazy, pop star and evil. You should know that all Furbies come with default personalities. As what has been mentioned just now, all the personalities are based on how you interact with it. But, no worries since if you accidentally developed a personality that is not to your liking, you can reset it anytime you wish. As time passed by, you will see that your Furby develop a few different personalities.

Girl Personality

This will happen for 2012 Furby. If you spend a lot of time talking to your Furby, it will start to develop a personality that is more girlish known as valley Girl personality. With this personality, your Furby will start to grow eyelashes. This can be considered as its feminism feature. Your Furby will also start to use a lot of phrases such as ‘blah’, ‘whatever’, and ‘mm-kay’.

Boy/Crazy Personality

By interacting physically with your Furby, there is a chance that it will developed into the crazy personality. Interacting physically means that you are doing things such as pulling your Furby’s tail or tickling them a lot. It will start to show signs such as one eye will become bigger than the other and your Furby will start doing things such as farting, burping and laughing at itself. Well, your thought is correct. These are generally and typically what a boy/man will do.

Pop Star Personality

This will happen if you play a lot of music to your Furby. They will sing a lot and dance as well as becoming very grumpy if you forgot to feed them. Besides that, your Furby will start to say ‘music’ a lot and also ‘life is dance’ plus their eyes will show and take more of a slim female look.

Evil Personality

This is one of the things that people are trying to avoid since who want their Furby to be evil? This will happen if you overfeed your Furby and it will start to take a far more evil personality. However, if you ever happen to make your Furby taking this personality, you can set it to the default personality at any time by holding down the tongue switch, pulling the tail and turning it upside down for two seconds.

That is all for Furby personalities and we hope that what we shared here benefit you greatly. Feel free to check on our other posts regarding Furby.

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