Furby Instructions – How To Play Games With Furby


There are a lot of games that you can play with your Furby as a way for you to interact with it. Besides, you can also make up your own games with your Furby. In this post, we are going to learn and have a look at the Furby instructions to play the games that it already knows. This is going to be the first series regarding Furby instructions for you to play games with your Furby.


“Furby Says”


Surely right after you heard the name of this game, the game of “Simon Says” will come to your mind. However, for this “Furby Says” game, the Furby instructions will be about the actions that you need to do on the Furby. Let’s say that the Furby say “Pet, Tickle, Light, Sound.”


If your Furby says this, it means that the actions that must be done are to pet its back, to tickle its tummy, to cover its eyes and to clap your hands. These are all the actions that must be done in order for you to play this game with your Furby. In order for you to know whether you have done the right action or not, your Furby will say something special or you can consider it as special message such as:


  • If you have done the right action for TICKLE, it will giggle.
  • If you have done the right action for PET, it will purr.
  • If you have done the right action for LIGHT, it will say “No Light”.
  • If you have done the right action for SOUND, it will say “Big Sound”.


When you see or hear your Furby do or say these special actions and messages, you will know that you have done everything correctly. The 4 actions mentioned before which are “Tickle, Pet, Light, Sound” are considered as a pattern. If you have done the pattern correctly, your Furby will say something as a reward such as “Whoopie!”. It might also do a little bit of dance as another sign that you have successfully done the pattern.

Another thing will happen if you didn’t manage to do the pattern correctly. Your Furby will say something such as “Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!”. This is basically the sign that you did it wrong and you need to start again with a new pattern.


To play start playing “Furby Says”, you need to do these actions first :

  • Tickle its tummy
  • Pet its back
  • Clap your hands
  • Cover its eyes


Other important points that you should know when you want to play “Furby Says” are that it is important for you to wait until your Furby stops moving and speaking after each action before you proceed with another action. For example, let’s say that after you tickle your Furby, you need to wait for it to stop giggling before petting its back. The same goes for the next actions. If you manage to do the pattern correctly to get your Furby to play the game, it will say its name and “listen me”. This shows that it is ready to play. If it just say “listen me” and didn’t say its name, it means that it is not paying attention to you. Once it is ready to play the game, it will tell you which pattern to play first. To end the game, pick it up and turn it upside down. It will then say “me done”.



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