WHAT IS FURBY?Furbies The History

Furby is an electronic robotic toy that was released in 1998. It was released by Tiger Electronic as a toy which resembles a hamster or owl-like creature. At the start of its release, it was one of the “must-have” toys for all due to its holiday season launched until the year of 2000. Over the 3 years period, the sales recorded was over 40 million of Furbies were sold. The best part of furby is that it is a toy that has speaking capability. Its speaking capability can be translated into 24 languages.


A newly purchased Furby will start out speaking entirely its own unique language which is known as Furbish. However, due to its complexity, the Furbish has been programmed to speak English overtime so that it will be easier for children to understand what Furby is saying. Below are a few examples of Furbish being used with their respective meanings in English.


  • wee-tah-kah-loo-loo: Tell me a joke.
  • wee-tah-kah-wee-loo: Tell me a story.
  • wee-tee-kah-wah-tee: Sing me a song.
  • u-nye-loo-lay-doo?: Do you want to play?
  • u-nye-ay-tay-doo?: Are you hungry?
  • u-nye-boh-doo?: How are you?
  • u-nye-way-loh-nee-way: Go to sleep now.
  • u-nye-noh-lah: Show me a dance.

Furbish is basically a combination of simple syllables, short words and sound.


Original Furby was invented by Dave Hampton and Chaleb Chung. They spent 9 months on Furby before it made its first appearance in public. The first appearance was in 1998 and took place at the American International Toy Fair.

The most interesting fact about Furby is that it is the first major excellent and successful attempt in creation and development of a robotic toy that can be trained, learn and give response to human interaction. Once again, the Furby will start out speaking their unique language, Furbish, but overtime, it will begin to use English words and phrases or depending on which country it was purchased over the course of its ownership. It is actually resembling the process of learning new language.

2005 – Added features on Furby and its declination

In 2005, Mark 2 Furbies were released. At this time, the Furby was developed and equipped with a greater facial movements as well as voice recognition technology. This voice recognition technology was in the form of the Emoto-Tronic Furby. However, even though it has undergone massive transformations with the facial movements and voice recognition, this Furby was reasonably short lived. By late 2007, it was pretty hard and rare to get a sight of Furby on the shelves.

2012 – The revival of Furby

In April 2012, Hasbro, as the manufacturer has announced that they will be making the new line of Furbies. It was then released in September 2012. At that time, there are sixteen colours of Furbies were produced. There were teal, purple, tangerine-tango, white, black, navy blue, yellow, aqua, plum, pink, pink-teal, orange-blue, black-pink, blue-yellow, teal-purple, and gray-teal. Besides that, they were also available in sttripes and limited edition Furbies such as the Chewbacca Star Wars edition. For the current colours and variations of Furbies, they includes Peacock, Zigzag, Stripes, hearts, Polka Dots, Waves and Triangles.

Furbies were one of the top eleven toys named for Christmas 2013. It was named and announced by Toys Retailer Association at the Dream Toys Convention.


Depending on how you interact with the Furbies, their personality will develop into 5 main types which are girl, boy/crazy, pop star, and evil. For your information, all the Furbies begin their life with a default personality. It is as what has been mentioned before that the personality depends on how you interact with them. These personalities can be reset at any time but as you started to build relationship with your Furby, you will see that it will develop on a few different personalities.

Girl Personality

For 2012 Furby, if you spend your time talking a lot to the Furby, it will develop the Valley Girl personality. You will see your Furby started to develop eyelashes as a sign of feminism. Your Furby will also start to use a lot of phrases such as ‘blah’, ‘whatever’, and ‘mm-kay’.

Boy/Crazy Personality

By interacting physically with your Furby, there is a chance that it will developed into the crazy personality. Interacting physically means that you are doing things such as pulling your Furby’s tail or tickling them a lot. It will start to show signs such as one eye will become bigger than the other and your Furby will start doing things such as farting, burping and laughing at itself. Well, your thought is correct. These are generally and typically what a boy/man will do.

Pop Star Personality

This will happen if you play a lot of music to your Furby. They will sing a lot and dance as well as becoming very grumpy if you forgot to feed them. Besides that, your Furby will start to say ‘music’ a lot and also ‘life is dance’ plus their eyes will show and take more of a slim female look.

Evil Personality

This is one of the things that people are trying to avoid since who want their Furby to be evil? This will happen if you overfeed your Furby and it will start to take a far more evil personality. However, if you ever happen to make your Furby taking this personality, you can set it to the default personality at any time by holding down the tongue switch, pulling the tail and turning it upside down for two seconds.


Classic Furbies

The classic Furbies were the first batch of Furbies where they had taken the world because of their “intelligence” which was reflected in their ability to develop language skills. They have the ability to communicate with one another via an infrared port located in between their eyes but in the beginning, there was a misconception that Furbies can repeat words being said around them and they were banned by several intelligence offices. They were actually not like that. Furbies started out by speaking entirely Furbish and as what has been programmed, they will speak lesser Furbish and more English as they grow.

Furby Babies

Furby Babies line was introduced in 1999. They were smaller than the original line, had higher voices, cannot dance and they were better and faster in learning English. They came in 24 different colours.

Emoto-Tronic Furbies

Released in August 2005, this line of Furbies were larger than the previous version and have a better emotional face and voice recognition system thus making them easier to communicate with human. Unlike the previous lines, they can communicate with other emoto-tronic Furbies.


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