Furby Fun

Kids love Furby and Furby Boom and there are so many fun game you can with Furby. Some kids kid like to make up their own games like hide and seek or Furby says. Other kids like to play the games in the virtual world using the Furby Boom APP. The App has a lot of fun games like Furball, which is like a game of soccer/football. Can you outscore Furby?

Name Your Furby

Another fun game is to name your Furby, there is a module in the APP that let you pick a name and then Furby will remember it. Furby will also remember the names of other Furbies. How cool is that. You can have a party with all your Furby Boom and they will remember their name. If you don’t have the Furby App there are also ways you can pick a Furby name as we wrote about previously.

Furby Fun

What games has you come up with for your Furby? We saw some kids even pretended to be on a deserted island and performed a ritual, a mock Furby sacrifice. They didn’t sacrifice Furby though, one of the kids got nibbled on by one of the Furby Booms. You know how Furby is, he will nibble on whatever you put in his mouth. See Furby Boom Diagonal Stripes above? That is one of our favorite Furby Boom patterns and it’s our featured Furby of the Day. Happy Furby Thursday! There is also a matching Furbling that we have seen online but can’t find in the stores, hopefully the other Furbling patterns will come out soon!

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