Furby Burps

If you own a Furby or Furby Boom you have probably realized that you can never predict what Furby is going to say. One thing that always makes me chuckle is when my Furby Burps and says “Oh Kah Tee”, which means Om My Gosh! Furby may be cute but he may not always have the best manners. Don’t be too hard on Furby but instead tell him that it’s not polite to burp loud and that he should excuse himself. Next time be careful what you feed Furbs, avoid onion, cucumbers and lettuce.


Furby Burps

Furby Boom Features

•Build Your Virtual Furby Furblings City
• Collect and hatch virtual Furblings to fill your city in the Furby Boom app, and try to get the golden Furblings egg
• Raise Digital Furblings with Your Furby Boom
• You can hatch and raise virtual Furblings with your Furby Boom, and play games together using the free Furby Boom app
• Take Care of Your Furby Boom with the App
• Use the Furby Boom app to give your Furby Boom creature virtual food, checkups, showers and more
• Give Your Furby Boom a Name
• Furby Boom will remember the name you give it and the names of other Furby Boom friends it meets
• You Shape Its Personality
• Furby Boom has more than twice as many possible responses as the previous Furby, and how you treat Furby Boom will shape its personality
• Ages: 6 and up
• Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)

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