Furby Boom Video

Furby Boom Video

Furby Boom Video is totally awesome! Check out this video to see all the cool new features.

Introducing Furby Boom the latest generation of Furby.  Furby Boom does everything Furby does and more. You can shape your Furby Boom’s personality by the way you play! You will never know how it will behave when you tickle it, pack its head, tilt it, rub its tummy, turn it upside down or pull its tail. Furby Boom loves to dance and will really start to bust a move when you turn up the volume. It also loves to be spoken to and will learn English the more you speak to it.

Furby Boom App

There is a cool app that is available for Furby Boom that you can download for FREE on the Apple store or Google Play. The app has a deli so you can feed Furby. You can also shower your Furby to make it feel nice and clean, give it an X-Ray if it’s isn’t feeling well and use a tool to name your Furby. It will remember its name and the names of its new friends!


With the Furby Boom app you can also collect virtual eggs to hatch your very own Furbling. You can take care of your egg until it hatches, then you can play with your Furby baby. Enjoy taking your Furbling to the spa and even move them to their own room. Customize and decorate the room to the colors and décor you want using Furbucks, a form of Furby currency.  Collect all 50 plus of the Furbling eggs and fill your virtual Furby city. Once you fill your Furby city you will get the golden egg!  Furby Boom is coming early August and features the following Furbies; Polka Dot, Waves, Trianges, Stripes, Zig Zag and Ikat. Collect all six and start your own Furby community right at home. Furby Boom is bound to be a big hit this holiday season so get yours today!

Furby Boom Rocks

Have you been thinking about what to get a great gift that you can get for you child? Perhaps for a birthday, holiday or graduation? Or maybe your child is just having a hard time an needs a friend. Furby Boom makes a great affordable gift for your little one and also makes a great pal for when they are feeling lonely or sad. We have heard so many great stories. One of our customers called and was able to find and order a Golden Furbling for her daughter, she knew nothing about Furbies or Furblings but said her daughter wanted the Golden Furbling in the worst way. We found a Golden Furbling for her and shipped it off so she would get it before her 7th birthday. We love making little kids happy and does Furby!

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