Furby Boom Review

2013 Furby Boom Review

Watch this review of the new Furby Boom

Furby Boom App

Watch this review of the new Furby Boom 2013. You will see what the new packaging looks like. This time you get some cool Furby stickers along with Furby that show all the cool new colors and patterns available. Watch how easy it is to take Furby out of the box and install the batteries. It will start talking in no time and you can even carry on a conversation. Sometimes Furby even can understand what you are saying. When compared to the 2012 Furby you will see that the new model has a new style of ears. The feet are plastic and not fabric like the 2012 model. Also the tongue has a little groove in it.

2013 vs 2012

This Furby is the Zig Zag stripe pattern, which is a new concept. In the past we had only seen solid or multi-colored combinations. On another exciting note, the Boom App is now available on iTunes. You can download the App for FREE and play with all the cool new features. Perform a wellness check, take x-rays, play soccer and the most exciting thing of all…hatch your own Furbling.

Furby Boom App


Download the app for FREE and see for yourself!
The pink Furby
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