Furby Boom Personalities

Furby Boom was released in the summer of 2013. For this edition, it came with a few new different colors and not to forget, a few more personalities! What else does it has? Well, this time around, it also has brand new iOS and android app with a lot of new features. With these features, the love for your Furby can be taken to an even greater height as compared to previous edition. It will also be a lot more interactive with the help of the apps. In this article, we are going to focus more on Furby Boom personalities. The same trend goes for every edition, the personality and capabilities of learning English depend on how you as the owner interact with it. Let’s have a look on what personalities that come with this edition:

furby boom personalities



If you still remember, there is a personality that is named like this one too in the female version of the 2012 Furby. It has quite a few similarities. To unlock this personality, you can do so by petting or rubbing its head. For your information, this personality is also the default personality for a Furby Boom. It loves to be petted, hugged, rubbed, back-scratched and tickled. However, don’t ever try making the action pulling its tail or being tilted as your habit.


Hyper Personality

This personality has a lot of resemblance with the 2012 edition Furby, which is the Chatterbox personality. It keeps on saying strange things such as “We could like, eat a cow” and “Oh No ya Di’int”. How to change furby boom personality to hyper ? This personality can be unlocked by doing the action of shaking your Furby Boom a lot. The differences of this personality with the other personalities of Furby Boom are that it doesn’t enjoy eating but prefer to have more chat and dance. It also loves to shout and cheer. It is also a female personality.


Rockin’ Personality

This is a male personality that can be obtained by playing a lot of music for it or pulling its tail. This personality resembles the male version of the 2012 Furby’s Sassy personality. It enjoys listening to the music a lot. It dislikes to be petted, tickled, titled or laying on its back.

Jolly Personality

This personality can be unlocked by overfeeding your Furby Boom. Among the notable features of this personality is that its accent. Guess what? It speaks either in Cockney or Australian accent. It resembles the 2012 Furby’s Crazy personality. What are the things that it enjoys the most? The things are, eating, burping, farting, petting and tickling. There are also some of them that enjoy tilting while some are not. It also gets scared easily. It hates dancing since it will say “Dancing makes me sweaty! Ugh!”. If it says so then it will stop and refuse to dance for about a minute or two. This personality is known as male personality.

Feisty Personality

This personality can be unlocked by tilting it upside down a lot and it resemble the female version of the Viking/Evil 2012 Furby. You can also consider it as a tomboyish personality. It hates to be petted, hugged, tickled and having its tail being pulled. It also always getting grumpy and doesn’t like being bored. This personality is a female personality.

 Okay, we have come to the end of the article. Hope you enjoy this Furby Boom Personalities article!

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