Furby Boom Accessories

We love Furby Boom and the new little Furblings, they are seriously the cutest things ever! The new features on the Furby Boom APP are really cool too! Our favorite new features are the Furball game and the ability to name Furby. The best thing is it will even remember the name you give your Furbies and will help you find a name if you can’t think of one. You can never have too much cool Furby Boom Stuff!like-furby-like-furbling

More Furby Boom Accessories

As much as we love the new Furbies and Furblings we did have one request, we want more Furby Boom Accessories! Here are some of the things we were thinking of that would make playing with our Furbish Friends even more incredible:

Furby Boom Carrying Bag

Last year Funrise made some really cool Furby branded bowling bags and sling bags. These were really nice and they were popular too. Walmart had a really great deal where you could get a bundle for only $75. That was a great deal and we hope they bring back the bags real soon. We hope if the bags come back they will be available in patterns that match Furby Boom!

Furby Boom Frames

These glasses were a lot of fun and really brought out different sides of Furbies personality. You can still use the frames with Furby Boom but they should come out with colors that match the new styles.

Furby Hats

Hats are fun too, this would be something totally new for Furby.

Furbling Eggs

Wouldn’t it be fun if the Furbling came in an egg when you got it and you could hatch it yourself. The eggs would match the same pattern as the Furby. We thing this would be total awesome sauce.

Furbling Accessories

Last but not least we thing that some accessories for the Furblings would be fun too. Maybe a skateboard or snowboard? These are just some ideas be sure to make your comments below and to start spreading the word. The more you get these ideas out there the more likely they will be made into reality.

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