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Furby made its appearance in 1998 at the American International Toy Fair. It was  invented by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung. They spent 9 months in creating Furby plus another 9 months in designing the toy. They invited Richard C. Levy to join their efforts to sell Furby after 2 attempts at licensing the concept. Richard C. Levy is a fellow toy and game inventor. After that, Levy brought Furby to Tiger Electronics and the rights to Furby was bought by Tiger’s Roger Shiffman.


Furby which is an American electronic robot toy was then released by Tiger Electronics in 1998. A lot of changes and development have been done on Furby and there are many types of Furbies available on the market right now. Furby resembles a hamster or owl-like creature and has always been a “must-have” toy since its release. Furbies were the first among of its kind and also the first successful attempt to produce and sell electronic robot toy with the capability of learning. A newly purchased Furby will start out speaking entirely Furbish. Furbish is the unique language that used short syllables, sentences, and sound. Over time, Furbies will start to speak and use English words and phrases. This is basically how Furbies are programmed. This process actually intended to resemble and show the process of learning English.




1. Classic Furbies

This was the first line of Furbies being produced and they had taken the world with their unique abilities and intelligence. These were reflected in their ability to develop language skills. Furbies can communicate with one another by using the infrared port that is located in between their eyes. They started out by speaking their language which is Furbish and as they grow, they will start to speak less Furbish and more English.


2. Furby Babies

Furby Babies

It was introduced in 1999 where these Furbies are smaller than the original. They also have a higher voice and did not have the ability to dance. However, their ability to speak English is faster than the previous version.  They came in 24 different colors, white eyelashes and their eyes will be of 1 out of 6 colors available.

3. Furby Friends

They basically look similar to Furbies but they have slight differences in term of appearance and abilities. A few of them can communicate with the original Furby and Furby Babies. They are also equipped with sensors that can detect loud sound and reacted when they are being placed upside down. There is one known as Shelby which is similar to Furby but it looks more like a clam. Shelby has a better development and improvements in memory and has a different personality. This “friends of Furby” was released in 2001 and one of the Furby Friends that can communicate with original Furby and Furby Babies.


4. Emoto-Tronic Furby

It was released in AUgust 2005 which have a physical size that is larger than the previous version. It is also has been upgraded so that it will have a better facial expressions or emotions and voice recognition system. This voice recognition system allows Furby to communicate with human. Compared to the previous version, this Furby only needed one order to make it do something such as sleep. However, they are lacking a few things such as light sensors, basic motion sensors and do not respond to loud sound unlike the original one do.


5. Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies

In 2006, the babies version of Emoto-Tronic Furby was released. The best part and the most notable features of Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies were the new looks and more baby-ish appearance compared to the Emoto-Tronic Furby adult. However, they have lesser and limited vocabulary as well as much lower level of interactivity either with human or with other Furbies. If asked about other notable features of the 2006 Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies is its movable “legs”. Actually, this line of Furby Babies was exclusively for Europe but other can still get it from websites that are selling it online.


6. Emoto-Tronic Funky Furbies

In August 2006, The Funky Furbies were released. The release was for outside of the United States. The best things about this new line of Furbies are that they can sing 3 more new songs as well as dancing. Plus, they also have capabilities of learning dancing routines and memorize them. They came in 2 limited color combinations which are pink-yellow and purple-green.


7. 2012 Furbies

A brand new collection and design of Furby was released in 2012.The best features that came with them are that more expressive LCD eyes, a wider range of motion, its own IOS and Android app as well as its adaptability of personality as a result of interaction towards user behaviour.

8. Furby Boom

It was released in the summer 2013 with new different colors and personalities. It also has brand new iOS and Android app with a lot of new features. With Furby Boom, you can take your Furby love to a greater height and it will be more interactive as compared to the previous version. It is basically depending on you as its owner on how it will develop its new personality as well as the quickness of learning English and begin to interact with you without using a lot of its language, Furbish.


Furby Boom comes and equipped with a lot more content and ways of interacting with the human or other Furby friends. There is also a lot more personalities that are already installed and these personalities will develop based on how you are interacting with it. Another interesting thing about Furby Boom is that it will remember its own name as well as other Furbies that it encounters. It also comes with a whole new selection and variation of colors thus making your collection becoming more colorful. Besides, by using Furby Boom app, you will be getting a lot more ways for you to interact with your Furby. It will also help in translating any new Furbish words that come with this new Furby besides hatching and raising a whole new generation of Furblings

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