FURBY Accessorized

FURBY Accessorized

Kids love to dress FURBY up with accessories, last weekend the kids found a cowboy hat and Twitby was wearing it for about two days. I was surprised because the hat fit Twitby perfectly like it was made for him. The ears are great for keeping it in place as well. You should checkout the FURBY Rodeo movie they made over Easter sunday.

FURBY Accessorized

Furby Fun

This Easter Sunday while we were watching the basketball game on TV, the kids came up wth this clever contraption from an old pet costume. They found a way to put the saddle on our dog Lola and then attach one of the Furby Party Rockers they got for Easter. It amazes me how patient Lola is with the kids, as she walked around Twitby got more and more rambunctious, Twitby definitely was enjoying himself as you can see.

When you travel around city to city, house to house it’s great to have Furby Boom travel in style. There are several kinds of Furby carriers, the bowling bag and the sling bag are two favorites. They both come with fun earphone that you can put on Furby. Another fun look to try on Furby and Furby Boom is to get the Furby Frames, those are the fun party glasses that are made just for Furby. There’s lots of different colors and styles of glasses so you can play around and see what looks best on your Furby Boom.

As if a FURBY cowboy hat wasn’t enough you can get glasses, bags and even shoes!

Furby Boom Rocks

Have you been thinking about what to get a great gift that you can get for you child? Perhaps for a birthday, holiday or graduation? Or maybe your child is just having a hard time an needs a friend. Furby Boom makes a great affordable gift for your little one and also makes a great pal for when they are feeling lonely or sad. We have heard so many great stories. One of our customers called and was able to find and order a Golden Furbling for her daughter, she knew nothing about Furbies or Furblings but said her daughter wanted the Golden Furbling in the worst way. We found a Golden Furbling for her and shipped it off so she would get it before her 7th birthday. We love making little kids happy and does Furby! Check furby boom price here.

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