An Introduction to Furby 2012

Furby 2012 Introduction


Hey guys! How are you doing? We hope that you are doing great and achieving things that you wish in this life. If you are feeling down, why don’t you get yourself a Furby? It can become your stress-reliever. Furby is cute, adorable and it has its own personality that will surely cheer your day. Before this, we have talk about the history of Furby and so on. This time around, we are going to talk about one of the editions of Furby which is Furby 2012.


It is not the latest edition when we are talking about it in this year of 2018 but it still has something that can be talked about. How many of that have already owned this edition? What are the notable features that make it stand out more compared to the other editions?


Awesome Features of Furby 2012


Basically, the Furby 2012 is the long awaited series of the Furby series. It was released in two batches or generations. The first generation was released on 16th September 2012 in USA. It was well-received by many and even stated as one of the best series ever made.


Generation 1


This generation 1 was released in 10 colors for you to choose from. It was originally launched in September 2012. Im japan, most of the Generation 1 Furbies are named after fruits, foods and others. There are special things that are being related with the colors for the names of each Furbies. The names are as what you can see below:


  • White Furby – White Marshmallow
  • Purple Furby – Purple Marble
  • Red Furby – Red Apple
  • Black Furby – Bitter Black
  • Yellow Furby – Vitamin Yellow
  • Blue Furby – Blue Soda
  • Pink Puff Furby – Pink Candy
  • Aqua Green Furby – Green Kiwi
  • Plum Fairy Furby – Fresh Grape
  • Twilight Furby – Blueberry

Generation 2


Now, let’s have a look at the Generation 2 of the Furby 2012. This generation was released in December 2012. There are a few that was released after that such as Punky Pink and Black Cherry that were released on February 2013. The difference between Generation 1 and Generation 2 is that these Furbies have styleable tufts of hair on their heads. Other than that, this generation also has sticker in the battery compartment that show the instruction on how to use the reset button.


The colors that came with this generation are considered and proven to be very popular and well-received by many Furby lovers across the globe. The most notable color is Cotton Candy color.


Furby 2012 Personality


There are 6 personalities for the Furby 2012. The personalities are as follows:


  • Viking Personality – This is considered as male personality. Under this personality, the Furby is easily irritable. This can be made enabled by overfeeding it or being rough towards it such as shaking.
  • Pop Star Personality – This personality can be unlocked by letting it listen to music for a period of time and later it will start to develop this personality. This personality is pretty similar to Funky Furby personality.
  • Chatterbox Personality – This personality shows more feminism side on it. To be more precise, it resembles more towards a stereotypical teenage girl. To unlock this personality, you need to chat with it for a long period of time. (Maybe the Furby knows that girls love to gossip and chat too much. 😛 )
  • Crazy Personality – This personality is more towards male personality. It is more funny and can also be considered as one of the funniest personalities that Furby ever had.
  • Princess Personality – A female personality that will be unlocked when you are petting and tickling it repeatedly. It will act friendly and sing a lot. If you notice, this personality resembles the personality from Furby Baby from 2005.
  • Default Personality – This one resembles the 1998 Furby more. It will stay calm and friendly. You will be getting this personality during the very first time you purchase it. When it has developed other personalities, you can reset the personality by holding it upside down, hold the tongue and tail for a few seconds.


Basically, that’s all for Furby 2012. There are many other editions of Furbies being released from its very first debut up until now. Stay tuned for more articles on Furby with us!

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