1998 Furby (Written on 2018 LOL)

1998 Furby

1998 Furby

Hello guys! This time around, we are going to share about the 1998 Furby edition which is also the first line of Furby. It can also be considered as the original Furby. So, which Furbies are considered as the 1998 Furby. Almost every single Furby from the 1st to 7th generations are considered as the 1998 Furby. This also includes a few special editions such as some from Furby babies, some Furby Buddies and a Furbacca.


A brief history of the 1998 Furby

Furby was first released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics Inc. It was invented by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung. It made its first appearance in the American International Toy Fair which was held on 1998. The reason why the Tiger Electronics Inc. managed to get the rights was due to the invitation sent by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung to Richard C. Levy. Levy was invited to join their effort to sell Furby after 2 attempts at licensing the concept. Later, Levy brought Furby to Tiger Electronics and the rights were bought by Tiger’s Roger Shiffman.


In its first release, the Furby has 46 colors for the Adult line, 24 colors for the Baby line, 24 colors for the special edition and many for unreleased models. What made Furby become a hit in the world were due to the facts that it has many abilities and capabilities that caught the attention of many people.Among the abilities and capabilities that are notable are the ability to learn English and the fact that each Furby can have different name, eyecolor and voice pitch.


In its first release in November 1998, millions of units are sold and it was a major success both critically and commercially as the demand was high. This resulted in heavy shortages. It is originally aimed at girls and children between the age of 5 to 13 years old. However, after a few modifications and features are added, the Furby becomes more popular even among the adults. This can be seen where there are fan clubs being started and forums on the internet that are discussing matters regarding Furby.


At first, the 1998 Furby only came with a personality. This personality is a calm and friendly Furby. The personality can be slightly changed by treating the Furby differently. If we are talking about the latest Furby, there are too many personalities that you can get and still it is depending on how you treat your Furby. For this 1998 Furby, there are a few special editions. There are around 24 special editions that range from a few different genres of events. There are 4 among this special editions that are hard to find and 1 special edition that is impossible to find which is Bejewelled Furby.


That’s all about 1998 Furby but before that there is a fact that we would like to share with you guys. The speech synthesizer being used is very similar with the device used in the 1980s such as the one used in the Speak and Spell. However, the latest Furby used a more advanced technology and the learning capabilities has also improved tremendously.



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