We have made special post for you to know better, the history of Furbies!

history of furbiesFurby Boom is a super cool. Every interaction you have with Furby helps shape it′s personality. There are lots of ways to can play with FURBY; you can tickle it′s tummy, play Furball, hatch a Furbling, name it and even dance to your favorite music. Just remember that your FURBY has a mind of its and some of the things FURBY will do and say will surprise you.


Like any pet, FURBY needs love and attention, you will get so much joy and happiness back. FURBY has it′s likes and dislikes. You can feed FURBY with your finger or use the FREE Furby Boom available on iTunes to feed your FURBY different food options. You will quickly find out which foods FURBY likes and which foods it doesn′t like. Some times FURBY is good and sometimes FURBY may react in a way that you don′t expect or the way you want. At times FURBY may even act a like a brat but don′t worry, you can always tell FURBY to take a nap.


Are your ready for Furby Boom? This new generation of Furby has even more bold colors and patterns and have a ton of new tricks, they can take you on in a game of Furball (Furby Soccer). Did you know that Furby Boom can have little Furby babies called Furblings? They are super cute and live on your iPad or tablet. You can also get a real world Furbling!

Furby Boom Price

Feeding Your Furby Boom and Furbling Fun

When you first take FURBY Boom out of the box, it will speak a language that you don′t understand. FURBY speaks a language called FURBISH, don′t worry if you can′t understand what FURBY is saying, there is a FURBISH dictionary you can download or you can use the FREE FURBY app to understand what it says. Learning to speak FURBISH is a good time!

After time FURBY will start to speak more English words and you will be able to communicate with FURBY. Teaching FURBY is a great experience for children and is a whole lot of fun. Get ready for a whole lot of Furby awesome sauce!

The Furby Boom App has a bunch of awesome features that will let create your own Furby Boom egg and hatch your own Furblings, and create a whole Furbling city! You can even name Furby Boom and it will remember it’s name and the name of other Furbies. Furby just keeps getting smart and Furby Boom is proof of that, we can’t wait to see what new Furby is coming out this year!Orange Stars Furbling is out in stores now and exists in the real world, not just your iPad. Meet Orange Stars Furbling today! Furby Boom Rocks!